How does the registration process work?

A You will need to register using the big, red button on the website. Please be sure to keep track of the username and password that you created for your student. You will need it! Once registration is received, we will reach out via email to schedule your weekly lesson day/time/location. Once this has been agreed upon, we will manually process your first payment, which will include your registration fee, monthly membership fee & card processing fee, OR registration fee and lump sum membership fee. If you have chosen monthly payments, subsequent payments will draw on the first of each month.

Do you offer trial lessons?

A At CIML, we feel that ‘a couple of trial lessons’ is really just not enough for a student (of any age) to get a feel for whether they may like something that could be completely foreign to them. So much of these lessons can also be the instructor, with which they could end up with someone different when switching from trial to scheduled lessons. Due to this, we do not offer trial lessons and require a minimum commitment of 3 months for any new or transfer lessons. This includes students switching instruments.

Can I begin lessons at any time?

A Lessons will begin in the first week of the calendar month and end in the last week of the calendar month.  An exception to start date would be if there is a scheduled closure on your lesson day during the first week. You could then start in the second week. All lesson terms will use calendar months and lessons will not begin or end mid month. We will follow the CIML calendar for closures, etc. The monthly fee will be the same each month, regardless of the number of lessons and is based on an average of 4 lessons per month.

What do I do if I know I need to miss a lesson?

A If you know more than 24 hours in advance, you can log into your Teacher Zone app and mark yourself as absent. You may also let your teacher know in-person at a prior lesson, or message them through the TeacherZone app (or your website login). This login is the one that you created upon registration.

Will I get a make-up lesson if I need to cancel my lesson?

A We do not guarantee any make-up lessons. Your spot (specific day/time) is reserved for you. If you are unable to come at that time, you will likely just skip your lesson for that week. Depending on the lesson content, it is possible for your instructor to upload materials for you to practice, new practice instructions, send videos back and forth with the student, etc to keep the learning going! :) If you are available at your lesson time, but not able to get to the studio, it is also possible for the instructor to hop online and do a virtual lesson, with advance notice.

What if CIML has a scheduled closure?

A CIML does have planned closures from time to time-most around holidays, etc. We have worked very hard to ensure that students on all days of the week get close to the same number of lessons throughout the calendar year.  We keep you up to date by posting a calendar on this website, blocking out dates on TeacherZone (they won’t show up as a lesson on your TZ app), and sending out emails from time to time. We factor these closures in when making our calendar and tuition rates. No refunds will be issued for scheduled closures at CIML.

What if the instructor cancels; will I get a make-up then?

A If your instructor needs to cancel your lesson, they will either offer you a make-up lesson on a weekend near the date they needed to miss, upload virtual lesson material in lieu of the lesson (not a frequent occurrence), or request a refund to you for that lesson.

What if I need to permanently change the day/time for my lesson?

A If you need a permanent schedule change, you’ll need to work with CIML admin. You may contact us at Please note, your existing lesson day/time will remain until a new one is settled on with CIML admin. Schedule changes should never be made through your instructor. There will be no pause or break in tuition while schedule changes are being made.

If I need to break the terms of our agreement and end lessons early, what happens?

A We need to receive your termination request in writing, via email. We will then have you fill out a termination form.  The request is not final/dated until this form has been completed. It must be received at least 14 days prior to the end of the month. This is for term only and does not apply to continuous memberships. Please see below for the list of fees associated with ending your term early. Please remember that you are getting a break in tuition by choosing a longer term and also a break in giving a termination notice by choosing a term (versus our Ongoing Membership).

Please note that you are committing to the full term of your membership (3, 6, 9, or 12 months). If, for any reason, this needs to be terminated sooner, you will be subject to a final charge equal to:

$25/mo that your term is cut short ($50 for 60 min lessons) + 2 additional months of tuition.  If you have chosen a lump sum payment, no refunds will be given for any reason.

What happens when my term is over?


A For those students on a term membership, unless we are notified prior to the end of your term, lessons and billing will end at the end of your elected term.

If I want to continue lessons past my elected term, what are the procedures for this?

A If the student chooses to continue past the chosen term and would like to keep their assigned day/time, CIML must be notified, in writing, prior to the beginning of the last scheduled month in order to secure the same lesson time. Notification in the last month of a term will suffice for continuation, however a new day/time may need to be chosen if the existing time has already been scheduled with another student to begin within the next month. When a student chooses continuation, a new term will need to be chosen. ‘Ongoing’ lessons are also an option once the initial term has been completed- if the initial term was at least 6 months or the student has just completed at least 2 consecutive 3 month terms.

Are membership packages/lessons transferable from one student to another (i.e. siblings, other family members, etc)?

A Membership packages/lessons are NOT transferable under any circumstance. All students must have their own membership term/package.

What if I need to update my billing information? How can I do that?

You may sign into the student TeacherZone app or the student account at

You will use the username and password that you created at registration.

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