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Zach has been playing drum set/percussion since 1997, and has been teaching drum set/percussion since 2005. He studied at the Los Angeles Music Academy where he learned from Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa, Don Ellis Big Band, Family Guy), Joe Pocaro (Stan Getz, Toto), Tony Inzalaco (Maynard Ferguson), Mike Packer (Cirque Du Soleil), and Mike Shapiro (Sergio Mendez, Airto Moreira). Zach studied rock, funk, jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, odd meters, sight reading, and big band.

Zach has played in numerous bands around Des Moines, Iowa including Pale Blue Erf, The Workshy, Aries Rising, Neu Moniker, Jesse Allen Band, Nature Boy (Primus cover band), and he has played with various musicians including Rob Akum, Dave Altemeier, Seth Jamison, Mike Pfaff, and Jeff Karnowski. Zach has had the opportunity to play a lot of improvisation in most of the bands. Zach is ambidextrous and always encourages his students to learn with an open mind.


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